Simplifying the connection between
Universities, Industry and Government

WhatBox Consulting Ltd leverages connections and decades of experience to deliver relevant and effective partnerships.

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What we do

WhatBox takes deeply complex technology challenges and combines them with effective partnership and funding solutions to create high-value commercial reality.


Our extensive practical experience of working at the interface of industry, academic and investor relationships allows us to bring ambition to life.

Services we offer

Tailor-made partnerships – establish and strengthen links.

Coaching – effective governance and developing an R&D strategy

Understanding the UK R&D landscape – identifying opportunities

Advice on funding – aligning and shaping strategy

Independent advice – Non-Exec services

Working together – to realise your potential

Trusted relationships

WhatBox knows that strategic alliances, based on trusted relationships, delivers significant long-term measurable difference. Understanding what is important to you, we harness the expertise of those who can make your goals a reality.


We take a holistic approach to understanding what is valuable to each party and maintain the health and vitality of the relationship. We use our extensive network of influential contacts to identify and secure the right partnerships for you.

Collaborative research

Collaborative research and development delivers multiple proven benefits to participants, enabling growth and delivering impact. We share our expertise and learning with you.


    Our goal is to simplify the connections between Universities, Industry and Government. We leverage our connections and decades of experience to deliver relevant  and effective partnerships.


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    SciAni Logo Science Animated

    Science Animated communicates complex research through compelling content, primarily animation. We offer a complete service, from initial consultation, through to scriptwriting, animation and promotion of the finalised content.


    Not only do we create beautiful animations to explain our clients’ work – we ensure they are watched by the audience they want to target. So far, Science Animated has worked with 215 institutions to create over 280 animations for research teams in 26 countries. Our mission? To communicate research effectively, beautifully and with maximum impact.


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