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Strategic Industry-University Partnerships: Success-Factors from Innovative Companies Kindle Edition
Strategic Industry-University Partnerships: Success-Factors from Innovative Companies unveils insights of experts from leading companies on managing partnerships with universities. Industry-university partnerships have proved vital to innovation, and although these partnerships can be challenging, careful choices and wise management around five success-factors leads to a systematic approach that unlocks value for both parties. University assessments of these partnerships have been widely described, but industry perspectives are less well understood. This volume captures observations of leading international corporations without omitting university views. It can serve all partners in alliances as a guide to strengthening their organizations.
– Unveils insights of experts from BMW, DuPont, Ferrovial, IBM, Novo Nordisk, Rolls-Royce, Schlumberger, and Siemens
– Presents the key challenges of university-industry collaboration and how world-leading companies tackle them
– Describes the success-factors for working with universities, such as selecting focus areas, university partners and collaboration formats in a systematic way and having the right organizational support and evaluation criteria

7 Ways to Support Successful Relationship

Dr Justin Burrows is an engineering innovator with over 20 years’ industrial experience and several manufacturing patents. He has first-hand experience across the product lifecycle from fundamental university research through scale-up to the implementation of commercial facilities.
Following post-doctoral research, Justin has held senior management roles in manufacturing, repair and overhaul and research and technology, creating and leading teams across industry and academia. Most recently Justin led the Rolls-Royce / EPSRC Strategic Partnership in Gas Turbine Materials, a £50m programme which developed novel alloys, manufacturing and repair techniques and trained over 200 students and graduates winning several external prizes including an IO3 Gold Medal in 2018. In 2019 Justin was awarded a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship which funds his materials research at University of Cambridge.
Justin holds an Engineering PhD from Brunel University and lives in Derbyshire with his wife and daughter. He enjoys classic cars (including restoration) and has also had a keen interest in fine art.
7 Ways to Support Successful Relationship eBook

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